RIZE – David LaChapelle

Rize (2005) American Documentary.

David LaChapelle started filming the subculture in Los Angeles in 2004. He dedicated an entire film to the Krump movement. From its African roots to its multiple forms of expression,  this Art is a new language, coming from the underground. Rize makes me discovered David LaChapelle and its entire lightning work. Thanks for that, so Rize up!

About Krump

Anybody out in Los Angeles, you have to be taught it. Out here, it’s a flow. It’s a vibe. It’s like a connection. Everybody does it. Everybody sees it. We do everything. We’ll Harlem shake for you.

We’ll bounce. We’ll do our little thing. We’ll do our little swingin’. We’ll put everything in it. The bleach and the little African clown walk. We’ll do it all. The stripper dance has everything in it.

Some of us may look gritty. Some of us may not have the prettiest smiles. You know what I’m saying? But we are krumping. That’s the part of what makes us krump.

Anything negative that has happened in your life… you can channel thatinto your dancing… and you can release thatin a positive way… because you’re releasing itthrough art, the art of dance.

This is our ghetto ballet. This is how we express ourselves. This is the only way we see fit of storytelling. This is the only way of making ourselves feel like we belong. Krumpness is the closed chapter… of your life of hurt,sorrow, anguish… that people don’t know about.

We’re not gonna be clones of the commercial hip-hop world… because that’s been seen for so many years. Somebody’s waitin’ on something different… another generation of kids with morals and values… that they won’t need… what’s being commercialized or tailor-made for them… custom-made, because I feel that we’re custom-made. And we’re of more value than any piece of jewelry… or any car or any big house that anybody could buy.


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