Bu hua卜桦 (born 1973) Chinese Artist

Bu Hua is a young Chinese artist who art part of the pop culture movement, movement whom leader is surely Takashi Murakami. I really like those illustrations: pop / geometrical / digital. You can easely lost yourself in those pieces; actually a good way to travel.

There is multiple references in her work: Chinese signes, element of American culture, questioning of environment, the place for protected animals, the place of food. All gather in a fantastic world in Chinese cultural background.

About Her

Basically it’s what you might call the different phases of my own psychic world. The scenes are wild, nostalgic and surreal. They express feelings and states of mind from real life.

My take on life is that the thing I’m really after is freedom. Making « art » is the best route for taking me there, and using Flash is one of the best routes to making « art » I’ve found. In the end, everything is about states of mind. But independence is not the same as freedom. There are many people who are independent, but few who are free. So what does it mean for a person to be free? My answer is simple: To fear nothing is to be free. And the companion of freedom is true happiness.

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