Stefan Hoenerloh (born 60’) German Artist

Stefan is a painter who mesmerizes us by his oil painting compositions. He is painting reality through urban scenes of fiction; but he wants to talk about our distance with the end of an age. The cities are speaking for us. Even if he is painting pure fiction, imaginary urban spaces and architectural compositions, he is using real photography of existing town as inspiration. He is just questioning our landscape in a different way: immaculate architectural details, the limits of the subject, the limit of what is plausible.

I saw his work in a Gallery in Paris, few years ago. But I remember the details of his compositions, how cities were real. How technics combine with talent can getting us fooled.

About Sedimentation process: City

Not quite photo-realism but the illusion thereof utilises the possibilities of composition in order to create a story with spatial layering aiming to be unlike anything which preceded it. The intensity of the urban landscape, the irregularities it harbours and the sheer power of the individual structures tell of a time of past glories. The society, whose best days have been left behind, forms the foundation and provides the benchmark of our actions today and thus expresses an analogy of the course of life.

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