Ang Tsherin Sherpa (born 1968) Tibetan Artist

We don’t know much about this artist which lives in USA and who decided to follow his roots through an learning under Masters and Monks in Nepal. He has inherited traditional techniques for drawing from his father the Master Urgen Dorje Sherpa.

This is one of a work which cannot pass unnoticed. When I saw the choice for mixture of code in the author work, I immediately thought about Demian Flores (which was very present in my mind since I discovered him in 2011).

I really like this melting of illustrations which is playing with codes, through icons very strong. Strong enough to captivate us for a long time; thinking about what is real in media and what is inherited from the past.

From Asian Art Archive in America

I was born in Boudhnath, and whilst growing up, a familiar view from my window consisted of a series of Buddhist prayer flags, hanging near my window. Now, from the window of my home in Oakland, California, I see lots of billboards. So – I was very fascinated about how these symbols play a role in our lives. Before that, I did a little work designing marketing posters for Jamba Juice, and was fascinated by how the advertising world functions – how they try to make an impact on their consumers by advertising with certain phrases and in a certain way. I wanted to combine that all together, and so this painting came about.

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2 réflexions sur “ANG TSHERIN SHERPA

  1. thanks a lot for Tibetan art’s promotion. Namasté
    Greetings from Burgundy-France


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