C215 (Christian Guémy – born 1973) French Artist

C215 is a street art painter. He has been brought up among painting since he was a child and discovered stencil techniques rather late. As he said, he likes to paint subjects who are implicated in the very context of the streets with the will of showing the invisible.

Portraits painted by C215 in the streets are very atypical owing to the lines running through them, giving them strength and darkness able to give over a lot of mixing feelings. A first saw C215 stencils in the streets of Paris, and then later, in different places in Europe, and worldwide. I like the lines and colors used to give portraits a very meaningful life.

There is a lot of Stencil artists which are unavoidable. Because of the place their works took in the streets and how did they touch us by surprise. Please enjoy the work of Banksy, Mcity, Fremantle, Izolag, Nazza or Faile…

About Stencil by Olivier Jacquet

Stencil is a cultural and artistic urban movement we can fully affiliate to the French Graffiti movement. Most of the time figurative, sometime come with a text, stencils are full of messages that reflect the situation of our society. Simply put in the street – most of time in a judicious way – they raise up some reactions by the passer-by. Meeting a stencil at a crossroad can indeed provoke a big surprise and this is precisely its power. […] The irruption of this practical and living human dimension into the urban space confers to stencil a particular meaning.

About Origins by C215

In the late seventies, many artists began to reject canvas and enclosed exhibition spaces such as art galleries and museums. They were answering a need for emancipation and open spaces. In 1966, in Vaucluse, Ernest Pignon-Ernest made stencils of black human figures inspired by pictures of the Hiroshima inhabitants. However, he abandoned the stencil technique because he thought the art of stencils didn’t evolve drawing enough. First street stencils appeared at the end of 70’ in the same time in several places. Around 1978 existence of stencils is established at least in Sao Polo and in New York.

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