Jim Holyoak (born 19..) American Artist

While I was exploring the work of Zao Wou-Ki, I find out about this artist: apparently an “Earthling, from the Kingdom Mammalia, and of the species homo sapiens” (as he called himself). I had been immediately captivated by his way of representing animals. Strong beast coming out of nowhere, between dream world and time elapsed.

He is using ink as a link between culture and nature, human being and inhuman, present and timeless. Sometimes his work is really modern in an occidental vision, and sometimes we can touch his Chinese influence (apprenticeship under Chinese Master Shen Ling Xiang) underneath his strokes…

Artist Statement

“Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters. Fantasy united with reason is the mother of the arts, and a source of wonders.”

– Francisco Goya

My work explores the bridges and boundaries between perception, memory and fantasy, through drawing, writing and installation. What we remember, imagine, and think about has powerful effects on how we feel, how we perceive the world, and on our behaviour. This is what prevents me from dismissing the imaginary as completely unreal.

During the last dozen years I have amassed an enormous collection of paper – ranging in scale from postcards to murals – drawn, written, wrinkled and saturated with ink. Some are individual pieces unto themselves, some are pages for hand-bound books and zines, and some are garbage and debris. This material is reused within dense installation-environments, tailored to the architecture of the rooms they occupy.

Almost all my work is in greyscale. I’ve found that within the limits of ink, graphite, paper, light, and my own body, an inexhaustible variety of thinking and expression is possible. This is especially so given that my discipline is comprised of drawing and creative writing.


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