PETER FUNCH – Babel Tales

Peter Funch (born 1974) Danish Artist

The Serie Babel Tales, is close to be the most interesting photo project I have seen for a while. I was in ‘Colette’ Paris, when I had the chance to see this collection of amazing photography, and I knew immediately that I will never forget about this name: Peter Funch.

First for the strength of its message, the comprehension is immediate; you can catch the street sensation, the feeling of NY environment. And if you don’t know the big city, you start to understand the cosmopolitan experience you will experiment by leaving those streets.  Secondly for the technics; I had never seen this kind of photography technics, I remember asking myself how is-it possible to take this kind of pictures? There is a thing, but you really wonder if this natural or not.  Third for the colors, form and disposition of protagonist on the pictures. The beauty of it.

About Babel Tales (Gregory Jones)

Danish photographer Peter Funch took to the streets of New York in 2006 to capture life in the city in a different way from street photographers in the past. The decisive construction of the images in Babel Tales shows us stories of impossible possibilities, and portray a real-life fantasy about the relationships that occur in the chaos of 5th Avenue, Wall Street, and other locations throughout Manhattan.

About Funch beginnings

My father was a photo hobbyist. I started playing with his camera in high school when I was seventeen. At the time I was really into skateboarding magazines so I started taking skate pictures of my friends. It was fascinating to photograph something so stylish. My whole introduction to photography was either in book or magazine form or my father’s work – I had yet to be introduced to the dimensional idea of photography that you hang on a wall.  […] After university, I worked as a freelancer doing editorials and magazine work to make ends meet, but I wasn’t satisfied: I felt compelled to tell my own stories, bend images to my will, and tell stories the media wouldn’t want to. My discontent in my work grew as I started becoming more involved in the photography scene in Copenhagen. Working with magazines and newspapers no longer interested me. I wanted to activate and engage people and images by putting them in spaces. I think I became an artist when I discovered the third dimension.

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3 réflexions sur “PETER FUNCH – Babel Tales

  1. Coté technique il s’agit d’une superposition de plusieurs photos ?

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