AKIRA TORIYAMA 鳥山 明 – Dragon ball

Akira Toriyama 鳥山 明 (born 1955) Japanese Artist

How many people are totally devoted to Sangoku and Vegeta? As for one generation I grew up with the rich imagery of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, master piece of the talented Akira Toriyama. Based on the fabulous legend of Sun Wu Kong (aka San Goku) also known as the Monkey King, main character in the classical Chinese epic novel Journey to the West (Xīyóuji) written by Wu Cheng’en. Taking the Chinese code to create his own environment, this anime is mixing Chinese martial Art, Confucianism and Taoism with the Japanese post-war futurism and criticism background.

Evolving in the same generation, sharing same visual universe, with same codes and same analysis of their dramatic history, Him and Katsuhiro Otomo (brilliant author of Akira) have created a devastated world where high technology is evolving quicker.

Who has not been marked by the incredible haircuts of Sangoku’s family?

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