RSF – Contre Pouvoir

REPORTER SANS FRONTIERE – Campaign « Sans liberté de l’information, pas de contre pouvoir »

As for all the advertising campaign I will show on this blog, I only care about the imagery, not really about the issue nor topic we are dealing with.

I explain this choice by the fact that all advertising images are putting on the streets where everybody can see it, even if they don’t want to.

The fact is, the RSF campaign was highly visible for a time, when I first saw it in the streets of Paris. I immediately had a reaction, positive or negative, it was not even the point. But the campaign was working, it was producing an effect on me. And after seeing one of those poster, I was looking at the others among all the streets of Paris.

After one week, a lot of them was very difficult to found, because many was recovered by others advertising, but also because of their intentional deterioration.

Everything that produces a reaction, makes us travelled or think is art. Sometime the topic is very subjective, sometime it deals with politics, sometime it deals with current events.

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