Hiroh Kikai 鬼海弘雄 Kikai Hiroo (born 1945) Japanese Artist

Hiroh Kikai is a photographer who wants to be a witness of his time. He spent over 30 years in the streets of Tokyo taking pictures of passer-by who agreed to pose in front of his camera. His obstinacy for this series is for me one of the most powerful work of a photographer; a simple way to visit the past, to contemplate the nearest future.

Hiroh, started to take photographs in 1969 with a simple camera, very expensive for the time. He said he was very touch by the strong work of Diane Arbus, but I see the kindness of Mary Ellen Mark portraits through his work.

About Photography (by Mr Feustel)

Photography was not only enjoyable, but it was also absolutely modern. Everyone could participate, it was magical! And it has to be said that this new form of expression fascinated people: photographers had a halo of prestige and conveyed an image of strength. In addition to being at the cutting edge of technology, photography was the most expressive medium of communication: everyone wanted to become a photographer. I began to photograph not because I thought I could make a living from it, but because I was irresistibly drawn to the medium. So I started off by taking several manual labor jobs: truck driver, dock worker… and I was able to survive on half of my salary. I was aware of the fact that I lacked photographic experience. I was still immersed in my philosophy studies at the time, and I began to think about the following concept: the essential thing was not the camera but the act of looking. You had to look again and again until you could feel the essence of everything that was around you.

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