André Maire (1898 – 1984) French Artist

I never saw the immense collection André Maire sketches, but I simply discovered a book from the artist on the bottom of a shelf on a library. I looked the cover where was placed on the middle the head of a Asian lion. The first thing I saw when I opened the book was a collection of 40 engravings dating back to 1924 representing streets scenes of Saïgon. I totally liked the way of representing the Chinese ideograms. Then I saw the drawings and sketches, the way he was using the washing sepia.

This is a beautiful encounter between travel documents and pure open minded master pieces from the confine of earth. From its sketches, he was working on big oil on canvas or wood where touchs of colors was mixed with sepia.

He travelled several time in Asia, Europe and Africa especially in Cambodia where he was working on drawing scene of Angor Vat Temple in 1950.

About André Maire’s work by Solange Thierry

“Sometimes a piece of art describes with more sensitivity and accuracy the various form of expressions of a civilization than a strict scientific document […] The talent of a painter give us an “inexpressible” dimension of this civilization, not precise but equally true. Images speak directly to a nun-intellect part of our brain, but to an abstract part leading us to a profound and immediate comprehension. This is the case with André Maire’s work on Cambodia sculptures. There is a particular and thin link between this artist and the Khmer Art, which highlights greatness, harmony and silence. “

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